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At Budder, we are making sustainable style a "lifestyle."  All the materials for our Casletics Collection is purchased in Los Angeles from fabric jobbers who acquire fabric from clothing manufacturers who have overruns or excess fabric inventories, therefor minimizing waste.  The collection features ever-changing color wave and fabric choices creating unique, limited edition pieces.  Although this process is much more time consuming and costly, we are committed to do responsible sourcing and waste minimization.  

For our Custom's Collection, we "reuse and recycle" by buying vintage items and altering them by hand in our studio to add a trendy twist.  Creating new items in this manner greatly reduces the negative environmental impacts that are associated with manufacturing new clothes.  Collecting vintage clothing even goes beyond "going green."  It's a way to preserve and admire history, culture, and most importantly fashion!

Lastly, Budder encourages our customers to continue to purchase from the comfort of their homes, instead of frequenting shopping malls that demand and waste large amounts of energy.  We strive to integrate sustainability in all our products while continuing to maintain luxury style.


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Always Remember to Recycle

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