onwer of Awesome Sneakers Shop

   Budder originated in 2001, with a pair of scissors and a vision.  At a time where cut up T-shirts, and avant-garde pieces were the fad, I wanted to create my own wardrobe custom to my style.  So I began cutting and hand sewing these one of a kind pieces.  A friends store on Melrose, the heart of trendy teenage Los Angeles shopping at the time, gave me an opportunity to showcase and sell my designs on consignment.

    I wanted a name for my line that was rich in meaning.  I wanted people to put on the clothes and feel they were custom to their body.  The phrase “its like butter” came to mind.  What’s better than butter?  It’s rich, soft, and a key ingredient in cooking and taste.  So I called the line Budder.

    Along the way I met Annika, a brave entrepreneur from Iron Mountain Michigan, who at the age of 20, pointed out a location on a map that “sounded nice”, uprooted and drove cross-country to Long Beach California.  After previously attending North Park University, she decided to enroll at FIDM, and pursue a career in visual communications, while exploring her love for fashion.

    With similar fashion sense and style, we decided to collaborate on a clothing line where we could use my creativeness, with Annika’s savvy business sense, and knowledge.  Being best friends only enhanced our collaborative efforts and ability to see the same vision.  Without any help, we put all our own money into the brand and went for it!  Without further ado, we bring to you, Budder.

Annika Danielson, Owner of Budder

January Ryan, Owner of Budder